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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Season 2 Premiere: 7 Spoilers From the First Episode!

Ready for some twinsense and sensibility (LOL, twin jokes!)? The Lying Game is back and ready to rule your face, and Sutton and Emma are more fierce than ever. Wetpaint Entertainment was lucky enough to catch an advanced preview of the winter premiere, and we're still breaking out in body sweats due to Ethan's extensive coif flopping.

If you can't wait until January 8th, check out our roundup of 10 sensational sneak peeks!

1. Sutton and Rebecca Are In Cahoots
Remember when Rebecca showed up in Sutton's room last season and we realized they were working together? And then we realized Rebecca is Sutton's birth mom? Yeah, that whole thing is still going down. Expect these ladies to be cahooting all over the place when The Lying Game returns!

2. Alec Might Be A Murderer, Remains Creepy
In case you'd blocked it out, Alec "Shadow Lurker" Rybak kinda-sorta killed a dude with a pipe last season, and now he's on trial for murder. But will he get let out on bail? That's the question, gamers, and you'll have to tune in for the answer!

3. Ethan = Forever Alone
Guys, we're so concerned about Ethan. Boyfriend spends most of this episode drunk on brewskis, passed out in a lawn chair, wearing flannel, and working on his motorcycle in abandoned fields. You know, because he's in love with Emma, but also maybe in love with Sutton? It's all really confusing because they look exactly the same. Twins.

4. Thayer Isn't As Gentle As He Seems
You know how Thayer's an innocent nerd who plays Dungeons and Dragons all day? Well, there's more to this geek than meets the eye, and we're not just talking about his secret six-pack. Thayer has some killer rage issues...will they get in the way of his relationship with Emma?

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABC Family Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

5. There's A New Hottie In Town
Move over, Ethan (actually, don't). There's a new brunette man-beauty in town, and he also drives a motorcycle. Meet Jake, the new guy from Beverly Hills. Expect this mysterious gentlemen to heat up Phoenix with his steamy good looks, but watch out. Boyfriend has a few secrets hidden up his sleeves.

6. Emma and Laurel Get A New Roomie
Now that everyone's life is falling apart (what with the cheating, murders, and deranged sista-friends), it's time for our favorite characters to shack up under one roof. Emma and Laurel are getting a new roommate...any guesses on who the lucky lady (or gent) might be? Spoiler alert: it's not Derek. Dude is dead.

7. Sutton Gets Injured
Grab a rosary and pray to the Motorcycle Gods: Sutton has injured herself, and there's only one person who can take care of her. Hint: Said person grew up on a horse farm in the middle of nowhere and acted out scenes from Legends of the Fall in his free time.

What are you most excited to see on The Lying Game? Hit the comments!

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