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The X Factor

Vote for X Factor 2012 on Dec. 19: Phone Numbers for Final Three

We're down to the very last week of X Factor Season 2, y'all! Which of the final three is your favorite? Vote with your phone by dialing the numbers below:

1) Phone. Each act will have a toll-free number shown after they perform. You can call and vote AS MUCH AS YOU WANT for whomever you want.
Carly Rose Sonenclar: 855-843-9304
Fifth Harmony: 855-843-9303
Tate Stevens: 855-843-9302

2) Text. Well, this one is only open for Verizon subscribers, since they are a major sponsor of the show. Each of the acts will have a four-digit code listed (it's the last four digits of the phone number above) after they perform. Vote as much as you want thataway by texting "VOTE" to the number corresponding to your pick.

3) Online. If you have a Facebook account (and you probably should at this point. Come on, even our grandparents’ pets have Facebook accounts.), you can vote online at The FB part is important, because it’s there to guard against voting fraud (which is apparently a thing). You can vote a ton online — up to 50 times with each account.

4) Mobile App. Again, with the Verizon. You can download the “Xtra Factor App” from the Android store. It’s all really confusing and factors in things like whether you have a handheld device or a tablet (um, aren’t theyboth handheld?), whether you need to log in with Facebook or not, and probably something having to do with the way the stars are aligned with the moon and planets... but the gist is that you can vote at least 50 times with it. More details here.

Got it? Good. Go team (enter your favorite here).

Source: The X Factor USA