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Jersey Shore

Who Is Paula Pickard? 5 Things to Know About The Situation’s Ex-Girlfriend

The Situation has had a thing with Paula Pickard ever since the pair first appeared on-screen together on Jersey Shore Season 3. But who is this girl that has won over Mike’s heart? Read on to find out more.

1. She’s a Model
Or, she certainly wants to be. Paula Katharine Pickard belongs to a social networking site for aspiring models called Model Mayhem, and it looks like she’s had at least one professional photo shoot to add to her portfolio. We love that she’s going for the Girl Next Door, All-American look in her covered-up photos, yet Sammi Sweetheart (isn’t she?) said she loves Paula because she’s “disgusting” and “dirty.”

2. She’s a Jersey Girl
Paula says she’s from Beachwood, New Jersey, which is only a 20-minute drive to Seaside Heights. We appreciate this info, just so we know she can’t really be called a Situation stalker. If she lived hours away and magically appeared at Karma every night, we’d worry.

3. She’s 5’4”, 105 Pounds, and Around 21 Years Old
This puts Paula 7 pounds away from Snooki’s reported weight, but half a foot taller. We guess it makes sense for Mike to be going on and on about her amazing body, right?

4. She’s Also an Aspiring Singer
In addition to modeling, Paula says she’s “a singer as well as a model persuing [sic] both areas.” Though we’re not sure how to gauge her talent based on what we’ve seen, we’re sure the housemates could attest to her vocal abilities (at least while screaming with “pleasure”).

5. She’s Not a “Rules” Girl
The most insight we got on Paula from last night’s episode had to do with her idea of dating rules. Sammi gives her a super aggressive backhanded compliment by saying she’s just so cool because she like, doesn’t care. “She’s a hippie.” Um, thanks? Paula sort of halfheartedly agreed, saying that being laid back and Free to Be You and Me is her way of ensuring she doesn’t get hurt. We would argue that it’s also a way of ensuring you’re treated horribly, but we don’t have Paula on speed dial. (Though if Paula is reading, call us, girl!)

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