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The Bachelor

Is Brad Womack on Twitter? You Asked, We Answered!

Nowadays, it seems like every reality star has a huge social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—even Pinterest! But what about two-time Bachelor star and quadruple hottie Brad Womack? Can you follow him on Twitter?

Right now, Brad does not appear to have a public presence on Twitter. You may have seen an unverified account called @BradWomack, who purports himself to be the Texas bar owner’s “bad side.” However, he doesn’t represent any side of the real Brad. In fact, Emily Maynard once called him out for pretending to be her former fiance:

Another unverified account, @WomackBrad, has convinced even some of Bachelor Nation that he is one of theirs, but according to a friend of Brad on Twitter, the person behind that handle is also an imposter. Will the real Brad Womack please stand up?!

We’re not holding our breath for Brad to join the tweeting masses anytime soon. He deleted his short-lived account in 2011 because, according to Chris Harrison, “The publicity that came along with Twitter is exactly what Brad didn't want.”

12.21.2012 / 12:32 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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