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Kelly Osbourne Poses in Bikini, Talks About 60-Pound Weight Loss


Kelly Osbourne recently talked to In Touch about how much she now loves to exercise. The Dancing With the Stars alum was listed in that story as 5'2" and 112 lbs., and she’s now showing it all off on the new cover of Cosmopolitan Body, posing in a bikini in a story about her transformation.

She reportedly lost more than 60 pounds, but she notes the changes in her life were about more than weight. "People think I lost weight and that's what made me happier. That's not true: I had to learn to love myself first," Kelly said (via People). "Losing weight was just one benefit of putting the hard work in and sorting myself out on the inside first through therapy,"

She added, "I'll never be the kind of person who thinks, 'I'm so hot.' I don’t want to be. But I learned to respect and love myself — something I didn't think I would ever be capable of."

It's good to know her happiness isn't directly tied to her looks — although it must be said that her body looks dang good on that cover. Congrats on the healthy transformation!

Sources: People, Cosmopolitan Body