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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Camille Grammer Dishes About Her Upcoming Fight With Lisa Vanderpump

Camille Grammer has been calm and collected so far this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but even she won't stay completely immune to drama in future episodes.

Camille tells Glamour that we'll see her and Lisa Vanderpump have an issue soon, and then Camille won't be as visible on the show for a bit after that.

"There's just really one scene where Lisa and I have a little tiff, but if I didn't, I’d disappear anyway," Camille explains. "I stay calm until something really upsets me, and then I say, 'Enough's enough.'"

Camille says she perfers to avoid conflict, but she's willing to take a stand if it's warranted. "When I really feel it’s important to put my foot down, I will," she says. "Like last year, with the whole Taylor thing. You can tell I was shaking; I was nervous. You can hear my voice cracking. I was very upset with her, but very protective in the same way because we were all."

Camille doesn't seem to appreciate Yolanda Foster's comments about how Yolanda isn't as infatuated with the Beverly Hills way of life as the other women are. "Yolanda brings a lifestyle — you know, she walks off of her jet — and then she says, 'Oh, these women are so Beverly Hills.' Yeah, you show up with your $20,000 Hermes bag, walking off a private jet, and you're making fun of us because we have dresses on?"

"I think she’s more Beverly Hills than all of us," Camille continues.

Camille says her first impression of Yolanda is that she isn't a barrel of laughs, but that could change. "At first, you could see in the first few episodes we’re all like... 'OK, snooze.' But you know, we'll see."

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Camille admits to feeling a bit disconnected from what's going on since she's no longer a full-time cast member. "I’m just out there drifting along going, 'Okay, where do I belong this year?'" she admits. "It’s an uncomfortable feeling because I’m not there for the day-to-day drama, so when I do show up I have to ask, 'What’s going on? Fill me in, girls!'"

She also weighs in on her ex-husband Kelsey's recent drama involving bringing his newborn to a Playboy Mansion party. "You know what, the Playboy Mansion is not something I would have done. We would have just stayed home — we were kind of homebodies, honestly. We were very private people," she says. "But you know, it’s a new circumstance now," Camille says, referring to Kelsey's new wife and child.

We're glad Camille has been on the show as much as she has this season and now we can't wait to find out what goes down between her and Lisa!

Source: Glamour