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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Top 3 Catfights From Season 3, Episode 7

Jealousy, impatience, anger, annoyance: All sweet, sweet fodder for the most sensational catfights. When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills women are swillin' the ol' haterade, we've got your ringside coverage. Here are the highlights from Season 3, Episode 7: “Oy, Faye.” Get ready to rumble!

INSTIGATOR: Faye Resnick
WHY: Faye attacks Brandi Glanville, saying she spews lies and is wrong to not apologize to Adrienne Maloof.
WINNER: Brandi. We understand that Faye feels that Brandi was wrong to have hurt Kim Richards and Adrienne. But Faye goes from zero to hostile in no time at all by inserting herself into the feud and turning a pleasant dinner party into a war zone. Kudos to Brandi for keeping her cool and then calmly walking away, even though it’s safe to assume she wanted to go off on Faye.

INSTIGATOR: Kyle Richards
WHY: Kyle is upset with Kim for causing a good ol’ fashioned ruckus at Mauricio’s event.
WINNER: Neither. Clearly, Kim chose a bad place to get Adrienne and Paul up to speed on Brandi’s comments. However, Kim did what she felt she had to do, and what’s done is done, so Kyle continuing to criticize her sister in front of everyone isn’t productive. They both needed some time to cool off first before discussing this.

WHY: Taylor says that Camille Grammer’s comments about Taylor Armstrong and Russell’s relationship were as out-of-line as Brandi’s comments about Adrienne and Paul.
WINNER: Camille. Do we not have enough Season 3 drama that we have to go revisiting Season 2’s lowlights? Granted, Taylor still feels hurt, but poor Mauricio hardly needs another argument at his ill-fated work event, this one about a seemingly resolved issue. Camille gets a lot of credit in this case for just agreeing that the two incidents were similar. Way to take one for the team, Camille!