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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s Most Un-Romantic Moments of All-Time

Jersey Shore comes to an end tonight (December 20), and in honor of the show's finale, we're looking back at some of our favorite moments — and least favorite.

So without further ado, here are the least romantic Jersey Shore moments ever.

A Girl Steals Pauly D’s Heart, er, Chain
Pauly D got more than he bargained for when he brought home no. 2356 of his on-screen hook-ups on Season 5, Episode 2. After smushing, Pauly unceremoniously kicked the girl to the curb before she even has enough time to put her clothes back on. (Keep in mind that this is considered a polite way to treat a woman on this show.) However, the girl, who is forced to leave the house shoe-less, decided to take her own smush trophy home: Pauly D’s diamond chain. Of course, the whole theft is caught on camera, and after the girl sobers up she returns the chain to Pauly the next day.

JWOWW (And Her Dogs) Get Dumped
In Season 3, Episode 4, the most drama-free girl of the group got dumped by her oh-remember-him? boyfriend, Tom. See, JWOWW was starting to have doubts about her relationship and eventually Tom decided to give up, dumping Jenni over the phone on national television and cruelly leaving her dogs to fend for themselves at her home in Long Island. (Seriously dude, we may be romance haters at the moment but ditching cute puppies with no food or water in a messy, hot house is really, really mean.) Eventually Jenni had to go rescue her pups from her Tom-trashed house and bring them to the drunk-trashed house at the Shore.

Angelina Cheats on the Fossil Watch-Gifter
Remember Angelina? During Season 2 (aka, the Miami Season), the pretty troublemaker began dating a seemingly normal guy named Jose, who gave her what is apparently the fanciest, most romantic gift in guido land: a Fossil watch. However, even a Fossil watch could not tame Angelina, who cheated on Jose with Vinny. This sets off a huge argument in the house, with the cast (particularly the always-romantic Situation) becoming disgusted that Angelina would cheat on her man after he gave her “a Fossil watch.” Eventually, Angelina was forced out of the house, never to be heard from again.

The Twin Robbery
Who could forget Deena’s sexual experimentation in Italy? Before she hooked up with her bestie Snooki, Deena pulled a “robbery” (guido-ese for “stealing someone I want to sleep with”) on Vinny when she coaxed the Virgin Twin — ‘member her? — into her bed after the Twin hooked up with Vin in Season 4, Episode 2. Mm, nothing says romance like hooking up with someone who has barely had time to wipe the spit off their mouths after hooking up with your roommate!

Jionni Ruins Italy For Lovers Everywhere
While Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni are on good terms now, back in Season 4 they were more of a romance train wreck than Sammi and Ronnie. What should have been a romantic sojourn in Italia turned ugly when Jionni got angry after Snooki drunkenly flashed her cooka in a club during a failed attempt to seduce her beau in Season 4, Episode 8. Jionni runs off into the night, never to be heard from again until Snooki tracks him down at a train station and begs for forgiveness. It was pretty much such a disaster of a trip that it (almost) made us swear off romantic getaways with our significant others forever.

Every SamRon Fight Ever
We tried to find just one SamRon moment to put on our list of least romantic moments, but it was really too difficult to limit this duo to one nightmare couple moment. From “The Letter” detailing Ronnie’s cheating ways back in Season 2, to Ronnie destroying all of Sammi’s possessions and chucking her bed onto the patio in Season 3, to The Situation being forced to smack his own head into a cement wall to try to escape Ronnie and Sammi’s never-ending fighting in Season 4, there are too many horrible moments to pick from. True, the couple seems to have made it work in the end, but their relationship “downs” are all too terrible to select just one to break out.

Catch the series finale of Jersey Shore on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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