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The Vampire Diaries

Where to Watch the Vampire Diaries Pilot: You Ask, We Answer

The pilot of Vampire Diaries: So wonderful, yet so far, far away. Today, though, we’re answering a fan question that deals with that very subject: Where can you watch the Vampire Diaries pilot?

We’d like to tell you that there’s a fun road trip you can take with your friends to pilot town where, upon embarking, you’ll be greeted by a sexy actor-tour-guide who will stroke your hair as Elena (Nina Dobrev) meets Stefan (Paul Wesley) for the first time. But, nay, those dreams merely exist in our fantasy world until further notice.

That being said, the journey to pilot land is fairly simple, legal and cheap — three words we like to hear together.

Since we’re not in the business of pirating illegal intellectual property, we’ll give you the clean and simple routes. Like, iTunes, where you can download the pilot and stream it to your iPhone, iPad or any other device starting with a lowercase “i.”

Then there’s Amazon Video, where you can easily download the pilot and watch from the comfort of your computer and, potentially, bed.

Both are just $2.99 per download, which easily makes this a well spent purchase, when you consider how often you’ll be pressing replay.

And if you already have Netflix, fire up that bad boy and watch the first three seasons of TVD. Pretty good way to spend the holidays, right?

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12.21.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Erin La Rosa
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