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The X Factor

Who’s Going to Win X Factor? The Results Are In!

If you didn’t know the three finalists on The X Factor Season 2 before last night... well, you certainly should now. After all, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, and Fifth Harmony each performed three songs — one referencing their run on the season, one showing what they could do in a duet, and one giving you a final reason to vote for them.

We’ve been super impressed with your ability to pick winners each week — and for the most part, guessing who would be going home. So, we couldn’t resist asking y’all one last time who you think should win the five million dollar recording contract.

So, who was it? Although Fifth Harmony gave it their all at the end, with their solid duet with Demi Lovato, their squee-worthy princess tea party version of “Anything Could Happen,” and their candle-waving “Let It Be,” only 19% of you think it was enough to get them the golden hairbows (one for every million bucks) of victory.

As for Tate, he was last seen holding down the numero-uno slot on the leaderboard, so did he capture your heart and your vote? Notsomuch. Only 28% of you think the country boy with the big heart and even bigger shirt embellishments will be standing on top of the podium when all is said and done.

Yep, even though we think there might be some obstacles standing in her way, 53% of you say nothing can hold Carly Rose back from an X Factor win. The 13-year-old New York native has been tearing it up onstage this season, making ballads her b*tch and showing Justin Bieber what his songs should really sound like.

Are you right? Tune in to FOX at 8PM ET/PT to find out.