5 Biggest WTF Moments From The X Factor 2012 Finale
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The X Factor

5 Biggest WTF Moments From The X Factor 2012 Finale

The apocalypse is upon us, but whatever Mayans. It was all worth it thanks to The X Factor and pizza. Our favorite singing competition / fight-to-the-death is finally over, and the finale was a giant explosion of WTFs and Christmas trees. We've rounded up the biggest jaw-droppers for you to look back on, which sadly doesn't include another appearance from our favorite Tate-obsessed hill person. WE GOT A PUPPY NAMED TATER.

1. Everyone Is So Excited About Christmas
The X Factor interns really went all out on the Christmas decorations at this year's fake red carpet. There were presents and giant red bows everywhere, and yuletide cheer was oozing all over the place. Is Simon Cowell Santa? We don't even know, guys, but it would explain all that chest hair.

2. L.A. Has Bulging Tie Erection
L.A. is so amped about this live show. In fact, he's ready to blow his proverbial wad all over the place. If you looked closely at L.A. (which we always do, duh), you may have noticed that his tie was protruding out of his chest in a terrifying-yet-seductive fashion. Maybe it was accidental, or maybe L.A. is pioneering some kinda PG-13 tie-art, but either way dude was standing at attention. His body is ready.

3. Tate's Backup Dancers Ruin Christmas
Look, we love Tate as much as the next Water Tower, but his holiday song made us lose our Christmas virginity. Mostly because he was surrounded by a bunch of scantily clad ladies, all of whom eye-sexed the audience while shrouded in giant pink bows. Is this what Santa gets up to in his free time? Because our inner child is crying.

4. Fifth Harmony Dances With Candy Canes, We Can Never Suck on Them Again
Please walk over to your Christmas tree, gather up the candy canes, and pulverize them immediately. Just throw them away. Thanks to Fifth Harmony shimmying around the stage with these delectable holiday treats, they shall never be the same again. Our youth is over.

5. Emblem3 Fail to Change Their Clothes
As usual we're worried about Emblem3. And not just because Drew responded to Khloe's question about who he was rooting for by declaring his love for snowboards. Guys, none of these dudes have changed their outfits since yesterday. They were literally still decked out in last night's angelic hoodies, which means our fear that they're living homeless under a bridge with the Red Hot Chile Peppers have come to fruition.

12.22.2012 / 02:11 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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