Vampire Diaries Speculation: Does Elena Really Love Damon or Is It Just Sexual?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Speculation: Does Elena Really Love Damon or Is It Just Sexual?

It all started with a dance in Season 1: The moment when Elena first saw Damon as someone other than Stefan’s big bad older brother. And ever since that moment, her feelings for him have continued to grow. Now that she’s a vampire, have her feelings evolved into love... or is it simply lust?

Up until a couple weeks ago, the most intense interaction we’d seen between Damon and Elena was a smokin’ hot makeout at a motel in Denver. We can’t lie: Their sexual tension has always been their biggest strength. But could that be all there is to their relationship?

The argument for lust is pretty solid. Less than 24 hours after breaking up with Stefan, Elena had sex with Damon. Twice. This is the same girl (well, the sired version) who waited half a season to sleep with the man she loved. Has Elena changed, or is she only interested in Damon for his body? (Not that we could blame her.)

Or perhaps four years of semi-feelings eliminate the need to wait. There’s also the fact that Damon has never been Elena’s shoulder to cry on. She’s always saved the highly emotional, teary hugs for the younger Salvatore.

That being said, the argument for love isn’t lacking either. Yes, Damon and Elena rushed into the sex part of their relationship, but for years now, they’ve been there for each other. Elena certainly seems convinced that her feelings are love-worthy. Plus, they did manage to spend one night together fully clothed without losing interest in the relationship. That’s saying something.

At this point, we’re not sure Elena knows what she’s feeling. She thinks she does, but then there’s that pesky sire bond. It’s all very complicated.

At the end of the day, is it love or lust for Delena? Sound off in the poll below!

It's lust, lust baby.

They're soulmates!

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