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Glee Valentine’s Day Spoilers: Expect a “Big Wedding” and a “Scandal”!

Glee’s beloved-but-now-split couples may not be getting back together in 2012, but it’s sounding like 2013 may be a whole different story!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy took questions from fans on December 12, and he has our hopes up for the fact that this season will see not one but two Valentine’s Day episodes. According to Ryan’s tweet, the holiday will bring “a big wedding” and “scandal.” It’s safe to assume that the wedding will be Emma (Jayma Mays) and Schue’s (Matthew Morrison), but what could the scandal be?

Ryan was asked by a seemingly despondent Finchel fan (but aren’t all Finchel fans feeling a bit despondent these days?) when we’ll get a good Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) scene. Ryan’s answer was to wait for the wedding episode:

Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t demand this?

As far as Klaine is concerned, we know that it’s unlikely for anything romantic to happen between them in tonight’s Christmas episode. But might they actually be each other’s Valentines next year? Ryan says:

And it wouldn’t be fair if Brittana fans didn’t get a little hope, too, right? So Ryan says that Brittana will be quite happy about a certain episode in the future:

In other words, so much to look forward to! Then again, we’re not the most patient people in the world, so we want to see all this stuff happen now. Can you blame us?

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