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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s “Future Is Dim” Without Glen Mazzara: Kurt Sutter

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is never shy with his opinions, and he took to Twitter to unleash a rant supporting his old colleague from The Shield, Glen Mazzara.

As we noted (with horror) on December 21, showrunner Mazzara and AMC's The Walking Dead have decided to part company. We still have eight more episodes of Season 3 under Glen's rule, but he won't be back for Season 4. As we also noted, this is not the first time AMC has seen a showrunner shake-up.

Kurt reacted to the news by tweeting a link to this long WhoSay post:

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Warning: Strong language ahead!

"AMC is run by small-minded, bottom-line thinkers who have no appreciation or gratitude for the effort of it's creative personnel. Time and time again we see events like what happened today with Glen Mazzara. They continue to disrespect writers, shit on their audience and bury their network. Mazzara took the work-in-progress that was ‘Walking Dead’ and turned it into a viable TV show with a future. Without him, that future is dim. Showrunners are not development executives, we're not cookiecutter douchebags that you plug into a preexisting model. TWD will suffer. Even Zombies need consistency. 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad'" will be gone soon. So will AMC. I hope their fucking stock takes a dive and the shareholders line up Sapan, Dolan and Collier and shit in their open hands. Cunts."

Yeah, so, ahem, someone is clearly not happy. But it's nice when a buddy has your back like this. As much as you have to do the whole professional statement thing, it's good to have a friend who'll rant against The Powers That Be for you.

But a lingering question remains: Who will take the reins for TWD Season 4? It's always been Robert Kirkman's baby, so will he just be the showrunner?

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12.24.2012 / 02:26 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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