Holiday Gift Guide for Secret Life’s Amy Juergens! (PHOTOS)
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Holiday Gift Guide for Secret Life’s Amy Juergens! (PHOTOS)

Every busy mom needs a few moments of mellowness — even at Christmas. Just ask Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Amy Juergens (Shailene Woodley), who is forced to deal with the swirling problems of adolescence and the strains of motherhood. We bet she would be an advocate for some much-needed R&R, don’t you?

For this gift guide, we picked out some holiday goodies to help Amy unwind in her free time. If she can ever find any, that is. Grab these fab gifts for the frazzled friend in your life!

1. Sony DSC-W330 Digital Camera ($179). Every mom needs to capture her child’s priceless little memories and share them with the world. That’s why we’re thinking Amy would love this sleek Sony digital camera. She’ll be able to snap shots of little John’s every move, or perhaps pull it out the next time an I-Can’t-Believe-That-Actually-Happened moment falls in her path. Believe us, Secret Life has plenty of those.

2. Victoria’s Secret PINK Pretty & Pure Supersoft Body Lotion ($15). What mother doesn’t like to be pampered? Scratch that. What girl doesn’t enjoy a little rejuvenation? We’ve picked out this super-soft, luscious lotion for Amy. Not only does it make your skin feel incredible, but it also smells like pure jasmine and pink lemonade. A little slice of heaven in a $12 bottle? We’re on board.

3. Forever 21 Basic Cardigan ($12.80). Comfortable, cute, and easy on the wallet — you could buy a dozen of these cardis for Ms. Juergens. This chic oversize piece practically oozes with style. We’d get Amy one, but only after we pick up a few for ourselves.

4. IKEA Velour/Terry Cloth Bathrobe ($25). First off, we would just like to point out that IKEA has everything. But for Amy, we won’t be snatching up any cute lampshades or glass desktops. Instead, we found this divine bathrobe for our dear young mom. It’s made of silky-smooth velour for coziness and classic terry-cloth for absorption. Yes, it’s pretty darn perfect.

5. Forever 21 Cute Leatherette Flats ($13). No mom’s on-the-go wardrobe would be complete without a pair of gorgeous flats, and we are loving this version from Forever 21. The adorable bow, sweet blush-tone, and soft leatherette material makes these an absolute must-have. We are so borrowing these from Amy.

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