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Real Housewives of Atlanta

“As Long as They Have a Penis, They Are Crazy!” And Other S%$! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Say

The Real Housewives of Atlanta were wrapping up their Anguillan trip this week, but the only thing that really ended was Kenya Moore’s wedding plans. Awkward. Sunday’s episode featured some cute making up, awkward breaking up, and as always, a hint of throwing down.

The ladies made the most of their island vacay, giving out more than enough material to keep us going long after they made their way back to the states. See below for the top 10 quotes from Season 5, Episode 8: “Fools Of Engagement”!

10. Kenya Moore (on Porsha Stewart): “What have you done but lay on your back and get a ring for it?!”

Sounds a little bit like Kenya’s jealous of Porsha’s “accomplishments”....

9. NeNe Leakes, leading a girls’ workout: “It’s called Zen, Aerobic, and ‘Get Hood’ all at once.”

Coming soon, a NeNe Leakes Hood Zenrobics fitness DVD!

8. Cynthia Bailey: “I was surprised at how ‘crunk’ the fight got!”

Was Lil Jon there too?

7. Phaedra Parks: “I just don’t think it’s safe to be out in the middle of the forest without at least a stun gun.”

Maybe Kenya can borrow your taser?

6. NeNe (on Kandi Burruss and Todd’s relationship): “They’re both short and they both need love.”

That will be on their wedding invitations, no doubt.

5. Kenya: “This barbie fights back. If you want to call me ghetto, well then I guess that makes me Detroit Barbie.”

Gone With The Wind Barbie has a better ring to it.

4. Porsha Stewart: “Kenya is trying to direct her pageant apology to me and her face looks like a mean raisin.”

We weren’t aware raisins had faces. But still, that’s pretty funny.

3. NeNe: “Now I’ve ridden some horses in my lifetime, they just didn’t have four legs! OKAAYYY!”

Guess that means Gregg gives great riding lessons ...

2. Kenya: “It’s Moore, Obama, Clinton, Kennedy. I’m part of history.”

We’re sure they’re carving her face into Mount Rushmore as we speak.

1. Phaedra, on men: “As long as they have a penis, they are crazy.”

Words to live by ...