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Once Upon a Time

Who Does Captain Hook Belong With on Once Upon a Time? You Tell Us!

Aside from Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), true love is hard to hold on to in the Once Upon a Time world. With so many handsome new characters introduced in Season 2, it’s hard to believe that none of them have wound up coupling with another character. But we still have hope for Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)!

Even if Hook’s crush on Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is unrequited, it’s still possible that he could win her over. We’re not entirely convinced that he’s 100% evil anyway. Before Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) got to him, he was merely a party-boy pirate with the capacity to love. Who’s to say that his soft side isn’t still there?

Among the options for Hook, we like the idea of Hook and Ruby (Meghan Ory) pairing up. She doesn’t have a love interest in Storybrooke, and he might complement her bad-girl look with his guyliner. Then there’s Regina (Lana Parrilla), whose mastery of seduction could go head-to-head with Hook’s. Then there’s a more sinister possibility: Belle (Emilie de Ravin).

Could there be a better way for Hook to stake his revenge on Rumple for Milah’s murder than to convince Rumple’s true love to fall for him? Hook can be convincing, and Belle tends to be overly trusting. Could these two become an item?

Then there’s Cora (Barbara Hershey), Hook’s partner in crime. Cora is gorgeous for her age, and all that evildoing might be a turn-on. But we don’t really think she’s capable of love, considering how evil and dark her heart is.

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 returns on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Molly Friedman is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @MollyFriedman.