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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Un-Apologies, Non-Engagements, Lessons From Vanessa Williams and More WTF Moments From Season 5, Episode 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta gave us with a glimpse into the last leg of the ladies’ Anguillan vacay. And even though we thought things couldn’t get crazier than last week’s blowout, this week reminded us that we should never underestimate our dear Georgia peaches. Somehow, we managed to narrow the drama down, so read on for our top five WTF moments from Season 5, Episode 8: Fools of Engagement!

5. NeNe and Kandi Use Their Words

One of the biggest surprises this week wasn’t how nasty the ladies got, but how legitimately nice they were to each other! As devoted Atlanta housewives fans, we’ve become accustomed to a certain amount of insanity whenever the ladies get together, but NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss managed to sidestep all of that when they actually sat down and talked at a normal volume about Kandi’s earlier comment regarding NeNe’s media hungry ways. The cease fire was the most mature handling of a disagreement we’ve ever seen from the two and frankly, it put the other ladies to shame.

4. Kenya’s Unapologetic Apology

Ok, so Kenya Moore clearly hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to confronting any of the other housewives. Call us optimistic, but when she got them all together to apologize to Porsha Stewart for her Gone With The Wind Fabulous behavior, it seemed like maybe she was ready to follow in NeNe and Kandi’s footsteps and have an adult conversation. Wrong. Clearly just hoping to clear the air before her “engagement” night, Kenya’s entire apology came off as an attempt by the former Miss U.S.A. to hold court over her minions, who were more than ready to rebel against their self-appointed leader. If anything, it proved that Kenya doesn’t always get what she wants a sure sign of things to come.

3. Vanessa Williams: The Seventh Housewife

And since Kenya hadn’t reached her drama quota for the day, it was time for her to dig in on an old target: Cynthia Bailey. Interrupting their nice beachfront lunch, Kenya presented the former model with a signed copy of her idol Vanessa Williams’ new book, in the altruistic hope of educating the woefully ignorant Bailey on beauty queen history. Besides the fact that even Vanessa Williams doesn’t talk about herself as much as Kenya does, the unnecessary move threw shade on an otherwise gorgeous day. And even though Cynthia and Kenya took a nice long walk on the beach to hash it out, it ended with Kenya thrashing around in the sand like a kid and Cynthia standing over her, wishing she didn’t have to babysit.

2. Engaged or Crazed?

Things went from bad to worse for Kenya when her engagement plans came crashing down, knocking off that crown the beauty queen’s been wearing the whole season. During their final dinner, NeNe outed Kenya’s wedding plans in front of the whole table, including a stunned Walter, who quickly ordered another round of shots and a heavy dose of reality for his girlfriend. Finally realizing that she wouldn’t be getting her Anguillan wedding, Kenya was in hysterics, telling everyone that Walter was acting crazy while she roamed the island shrubbery, still ringless and clueless.

1. Trouble In Paradise?

Kenya wasn’t alone for long, because Mama Phaedra soon followed to comfort her, or at least arm her with a weapon against any possible island predator. But somehow, Phaedra’s kind words did little to make Kenya feel better and made us a little wary at the same time. Telling Kenya that all men are dogs and crazy is def one tactic to use when your girl’s been dismissed by a dude, but the man hating seemed a little weird considering Phaedra’s own husband, Apollo, was two feet away listening to her bash his entire gender. Does this mean there’s trouble in the Parks-Nida household?