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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Speculation: Who’s the Most Powerful Character?

At the end of the day, The Vampire Diaries is all about power: Power over one another, power over life, power over blood, and power over humanity. So with all of that in mind, who’s the character with the most power? Here are what we consider to be your options:

Klaus: We’ll start with the obvious: For now, it appears that Klaus can’t die. He’s strong, he’s downright evil, and he has the whole hybrid thing on his side. It’s hard to argue with that... but we’re going to anyway.

Caroline: Hear us out. If there’s one skill that’s useful in Mystic Falls, it’s the ability to lie — and Caroline has proven time and time again that she’s the best distraction around. Plus, she has the most powerful hybrid wrapped around her pretty little finger, not to mention the fact that the only other living hybrid is also in love with her. (We think we may need a learn a thing or two from this girl.) A little manipulation and Caroline could be ruling the world. That’s right. World.

Stefan: Along the same argument, we can’t ever see Klaus killing Stefan. They’re besties of sorts, and we all know how much Klaus hates being lonely. Plus, everyone respects Stefan. Even the most evil person in the world can’t help but respect someone who has such a big heart.

Damon: Let’s be honest: Damon has done some very horrible, very stupid things... yet, he’s still around. He’s not scared to live on the edge, and perhaps that recklessness is just the thing that makes him the most powerful guy around. Turns out, being selfish can be incredibly empowering. Who knew?

Elena: Everyone. wants. to. save. Elena. There isn’t a person we can think of who wouldn’t sacrifice his or her life for Elena — other than Rebekah, that is. She’s Klaus’s only chance at more hybrids, she’s Stefan’s true love, she’s Damon’s love, she’s Matt’s ex-love, she’s Jeremy’s sister, Bonnie and Caroline’s best friend... the list goes on. Could Elena possibly be the puppet master of this whole show?

Bonnie: Witches rule. And Bennett witches really rule. Period. Other than the mortality argument, is there anyone who Bonnie couldn’t harm?

Tyler: It’s not looking good for Ty at the moment, but there’s got to be something to be said for being Klaus’s only remaining hybrid, yeah?

Elijah: Klaus might yell, and he might chop off heads with swords, but Elijah knocks off heads with his bare hands (RIP Trevor). If anyone exudes power, it’s Elijah. Like Alaric pointed out, he’s one scary dude... with really great hair. He’s smart. He’s fair. And you don’t have to worry about him losing his temper and going on a killing spree. The fact that we’re so in awe of him and we’ve never even seen his fangs... that’s power if we’ve ever (not) seen it.

Rebekah and Kol: They certainly seem to be the two most foul-mouthed of the Originals. And they’ve both got a temper. If they combine forces, everyone else could be doomed.

Matt: Something has to be said for the fact that Matt has managed to remain human for four years. Perhaps there’s something to his elusiveness and beautiful blue eyes?

Professor Shane: Right now, if anyone is holding all the answers, it’s the frat-party attending professor. His mystery and knowledge might be the most powerful forces of all.

April: Her dad started this whole “greater evil” business. Could she be the key to it all? Also, she’s Rebekah’s new BFF, so there’s that.

The dead witches: No matter what happens, the spirits of the dead witches always seem to show up. They give Bonnie enough power to go after Klaus, they bring Jeremy back from the dead, and they hide coffins. Oh, and they even help resurrect Esther. Is there anything stronger than a witch scorned?

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