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True Blood

5 Biggest True Blood Season 5 Cliffhangers!

True Bloodaka our reason for waking up in the morning is over for the season, and we plan on spending the next five months writing fan fiction, eating gumbo, and mulling over the 5 biggest unsolved mysteries of the season. Care to join? Check out our cliffhanger roundup and dish your thoughts in the comments!

1. Did Bill Become a Vampire God?
Look, all we know is that Bill exploded into a puddle, re-formed into a human, and may or may not be The Man Upstairs. Feel free to call him Billith, Puddle Bill, or simply, but we suggest you start building a sacrificial shrine just in case he's God. In other news, we're still unclear about whether or not Bill's transformation has rendered him completely evil, but here's to hoping he and Sookie can get their Lilithian freak on next season.

2. Where Is Steve Newlin?
We're so worried about poor Steve Newlin. This baby vamp was clearly broken-hearted when boyfriend Russell vampsploded into a pile of goo, and he ran off into the woods and hasn't been heard from since. Fang girls will have to wait an entire nine months before finding out what happened to Steve, but we can only assume that he's been kidnapped by a troop of troubadour faeries and their renaissance fair outfits of yesteryear.

3. Is Luna Dead?
Skinwalking comes with a slew of extreme side effects, including, but not limited to: nausea, sweat, and death. Luckily, Luna's a shifter expert, and morphing into Steve Newlin was her third trip to the skinwalking rodeo. Then again, girlfriend looked like she was about to flop over and die after morphing back into herself, and sadly, the camera cut away before we could ascertain the situation. The face Luna was making was just like the face we made when Bill started wearing cashmere, so we're going to go ahead and assume homegirl is dying on the inside.

4. Will Alcide Become a V Addict?
Hugs not drugs, y’a'll. Alcide and his six pack spent this entire season resisting the siren call of Russell Edgington's yummy blood, but during the finale he was left with no choice. Yep, our manly mutt juiced up and got his murder on. We know, we know — Alcide had to "Do The Dew" in order to defeat JD, but V is pretty addictive. Will Alcide be able to stay clean? Sigh, someone buy this mutt a D.A.R.E t-shirt.

5. WTF Is Warlow?
In case you missed it, there's a perverted vampire ghost living in Sookie's shower — and he is desperate to huff her blood. Apparently, this ancient vamp bought The Sookster back in Ye Olden Days when buying people was "a thing," but we have no idea what he wants to do with Sookie or why he wants to do it. Even though we got a hint at what's to come in Season 6, we're gonna call it: Warlow is the biggest unsolved mystery of the season!

Are you recovering from your Season 5 fangover, Truebies? Tell us your favorite cliffhangers and what you’re looking forward to in Season 6 below!

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