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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Showdown: Which Guy Was 2012’s MVP?

It seems like just yesterday that Emily Maynard and her tiny love child were galloping through the hills and valleys of Croatia with a team of freshly-waxed man babes. Now The Bachelorette is over (but not forgotten) and we basically have nothing left to live for other than this pile of half-burnt Yule Logs.

However, we can't forget that 2012 is drawing to a close, which means the time has come to pick The Bachelorette's Most Valuable Player. The fight for MVP was close, but it all boiled down to this: which hunky stud muffin played the best game? And the answer is clearly Alejandro the Mushroom Farmer / Vampire Slayer. Kidding!

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The answer is actually Ryan Bowers, who was determined to win Emily over through thick and thin. You know, even though he insulted her repeatedly and told her he wouldn't "love on her" if she got fat.

Despite Ryan's many flaws, he actually went pretty far in the competition. In fact, he straight up refused to leave when Emily de-flowered him, and instead tried to hypnotize girlfriend with his turquoise shoes. By the way, Emily is most definitely single now. Hands up if you want her and Ryan to start dating in real life?

Celebratory blue suede shoes for everyone!