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Teen Mom

Leah Messer Reveals What Went Through Her Head When Corey Asked For a Second Chance

Our jaws were dropping all over the place during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 — and not just because of Jeremy Calvert's devastating good looks. We couldn't believe our eyes when Corey Simms told Leah Messer that he still had feelings for her! Way to have the worst timing ever, buddy.

As you might expect, Leah was all kinds of confused by Corey's revelation — especially since she was falling in love with Jeremy! So, what was going through this gal's mind?

"It was hard because I really loved Corey, but I guess you just fall out of love with someone," she tells Suchin Pak during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after show. "Going back it was like I had everything that I ever wanted, something that I never ever had, something that my kids will enjoy for the rest of their lives, and that was all of us together under one roof, just all one. And I just felt like that was ripped apart, I disappointed myself, I disappointed my kids. I'd done everything wrong again, so it hurt."

Leah seems slightly guilty over the fact that she didn't give her relationship with Corey a second chance. But does she think her kids will be upset when they're old enough to realize she rejected their daddio? "They'll ask why, 'You guys could have worked it out, you sat there and said you could have worked it out.' But I think they'll also understand we're all in better places now."

True that! Leah and Jeremy are currently married and expecting a baby, and Corey is engaged to a blonde bombshell!

Source: MTV