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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelor Pad 3 Star Is 2012’s MVP? The Rose Goes To…

Remember back when Bachelor Pad 3 was lighting up our lives? And Ed Swiderski was flopping around like a beached whale in a giant pool of hot fudge? Those were the days... some might even say they were the days of our lives.

We miss the folks on Bachelor Pad even more than we miss the dulcet sound of Ed's sex noises, so luckily the time has come to re-visit our lovers and fighters and crown the MVP of the season.

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Really, there's only one candidate, and her name is Jaclyn Swartz. This blonde bombshell might not have won the $250,000 (curse you Nick Peterson! Curse you and your eight-pack!), but she ruled The Pad with an iron fist. Jaclyn was part of all the cool kid alliances, she kicked butt in the competitions, and need we remind you of the time she took to the stage and grinded her way through "Sister Christian"?

Our eyeballs are still burning — in a good way.

There's no doubt that Jaclyn was hugely influential during season 4, but how was she repaid? Rachel Truehart stabbed her in the back, that's how. Like Caesar, only worse. However, Jaclyn was such a stand-up contestant that she put the past in the past and voted for Rachel during the grand finale! There's no doubt that this makes Jaclyn the MVP, and therefore we're presenting her with a cyber rose. She's earned it.