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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Reunite After Talk of Divorce

Phew, everyone. You can stop crying into that pillow, because Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are back on track! These two sent the internet into full-blown panic mode when they had an epic argument on December 28 after Jenelle disappeared for four hours in the middle of the night and failed to tell Courtland where she was going.

"Can't believe she do this to me omfg," Courtland tweeted, adding "Leaves at 3 am returns at 730 am where the f— did she go for four hours late night??! yea I am done!!! F— this."

Turns out Jenelley was simply visiting one of her friends for some late-night hang time, and presumably didn't want to wake her man. Luckily the air has been cleared, and Courtland can't stop declaring his love for Jenelle. "I am sorry on how this morning worked out!!" he tweeted. "We should of take it over before I jumped to conclusions I love u so much."

So far, Jenelle has stayed twitter-quiet — but she did take some time to shoot down accusations that she snuck out of the house to see her ex-fiance, Gary Head. "Hahhahhhhha that's a good one..." she tweeted. "Go ask him!!"

Are you happy Jenelle and Courtland worked things out? So are we!