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Make Some Noise(makers)! DIY Projects For New Year’s Eve

Anyone can buy poppers and kazoos from the dollar store to wave at the stroke of midnight, but why not get the whole family involved in making their own? Have your kids personalize any of these easy-to-make noisemakers to welcome 2013 with a bang, a pop, or a jingle!

Shake ‘Em Up
This craft can be as simple or snazzy as your family wants to make it, so we’ll supply the basics and you can supply the fun extras! All you’ll need for this fun shaker is a popsicle stick, an empty raisin or juice box, and some dried beans or beads. Alpha Mom went a little further with spray paint, a bell, some ribbon, and cool decorations for the box, but the building blocks are all the same.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas opted for clear plastic cups so the kids could see through to their colorful knickknacks inside, but any colored plastic cups would do. Have the kids fill half of a cup with dried beans, beads, buttons, and bells, then securely tape another cup over top. Decorate the outsides further with their names, resolutions, or just some fun shapes, then let the kids loose to shake, shake, shake!

Drum Up Some Fun
This craft is a bit more in-depth, but Isa at Raising S.O.S. swears that the product will keep the little ones entertained for weeks (hallelujah!). You’ll need a cardboard tube (a concrete form from Home Depot or an oatmeal container would work best), a heavy-duty latex balloon, colorful construction paper, ribbon, scissors, glue, and a hole punch. The idea is to stretch the balloon over the cut-to-size cardboard cylinder to create the drum and then decorate with the paper and ribbon. Follow the link to Isa’s blog for more construction details!

Hear Me Roar
Actually, it’s more like a buzz when the kids yell into these homemade kazoos, but they’ll love it just the same. These couldn’t be easier to make using toilet paper tubes, wax paper, and rubber bands. Shelly and Kristan at That’s What We Said warn that these little crafts produce some big sound, but for kids, that’s what New Year’s is all about!

Save Your Pipes
Pipe cleaners, that is! The mother of four behind The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman used pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and beads to make some awesome and super simple New Year’s bracelets. Switch up the colors of the pipe cleaners and beads to help the kids customize their creations, then strap them onto their wrists or ankles to make some noise!

Pop! Goes the New Year
We recommend making at least one of these for each member of the family to pull at midnight, so it’s a good think these little poppers from A Sprouting Acorn are so simple! You’ll need toilet paper rolls, extra cardboard, ribbon or string, tissue paper, and some buttons for this craft. Follow the directions for construction on the blog and don’t be afraid to fill these fun crafts with candy or popcorn instead of the balled up paper to make the celebration even more exciting!

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