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5 Fun Kids’ Activities to Cure Winter Break Boredom

Did Beyoncé and Jay-Z forget to include you in their winter break travel plans? Tough break! But just because you’re not jetting off with the fam to the islands doesn’t mean it’s going to be a tantrum-filled two weeks. Check out our ideas on how to keep the whole family occupied with fun activities that’ll get you through break without breaking down.

Arts and Crafts
Making stuff takes a long time and keeps kids focused on something other than the TV, iPad, or any other electronic devices they can’t seem to get enough of. Try projects like making a winter mural, window painting, or making silly putty to help the kids release all that creative energy they usually save up for school.

Field Trip
You always say you’ll take the kids to local museums when you have more time. Well, now you have two weeks, so quit stalling. Check out museums online for special shows or events and plan accordingly. Do yourself a favor and skip the cafeteria food and cafeteria prices by packing brown bags lunches for your favorite field trippers.

Break Camp
Some play places and gyms offer winter break camps for kids that can last for one day or the entire vacation. Ask teachers and instructors for ideas in your area, or go online to check out the haps at a local art museum or kids’ theater.

Get a Hobby
Not sure you can handle watching two weeks of Disney movies? Find a family hobby to get into during your time off. Build a Lego land, teach the kids how to cook (they don’t know you can barely boil water), or learn a new activity like ice-skating. You’ll need some physical activity after all that cooking — and eating!

Be Charitable
If you’re struggling to figure out just where you’re going to store all those new toys the kids got as presents, spend time with your kids going through gently used toys, clothes, and books that your family wants to donate to charity. Even better, have your kids come with you to give away the toys to a local shelter or hospital and talk about how valuable the gift of giving really is.

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12.30.2012 / 02:00 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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