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Charlie Sheen Defended For Calling Audience “F-ggot A–holes”

Nothing Charlie Sheen says or does should shock anyone, so it's kind of confusing why so many people care about Dr. Tiger Blood’s latest statement.

According to TMZ, he was introducing musical acts this weekend at the opening of his bar in Cabo, when he "hurled a homophobic slur at the audience." They posted a video, and you can hear Charlie ask the audience, "How we doing?" They cheer, then he adds, "Lying bunch of f-ggot a--holes, how we doing?" They cheer even more, then he welcomes everyone to "SheenZ with a z." (That's what people should be really upset about — his attempt to make "SheenZ!" the new "Winning!")

TMZ got a quote from Charlie, who said he meant no ill will and apologized if anyone was offended. He also joked, "I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp." TMZ posted a poll asking if the slur was innocent or offensive. After 53,000 votes and counting, the vote is 66 percent for innocent, with 34 percent for offensive. A lot of commenters posted things like "This is supposed to be surprising???" and asked why anyone should care. But the story did get more than 53,000 votes and currently has more than 275 comments. So clearly people are caring more than they'd like to admit.

What do you think about this? Would it be more offensive if someone else had said it? Is it OK that he jokingly called them assholes, just not OK that he dropped the other f-bomb?

Source: TMZ

12.31.2012 / 03:32 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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