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The Kardashians

Kanye West Didn’t Tell Kim Kardashian He Was Going to Reveal Her Pregnancy

It would've been great if Kim Kardashian had jumped on stage during Kanye West's concert and said something like "Imma let you finish, but this is one of the best pregnancies of all time and you don't get to steal my thunder!" Instead, Kanye used his Sunday night event to announce he and Kim were expecting their first child — and TMZ said Kim was surprised and had "no idea" he was going to do that.

As TMZ noted, Team Kimye had planned to stay quiet until she started showing. She's now 12 weeks along, but he couldn't wait — reportedly because they both had several family members in the audience. He was caught up in the moment!

But Kim wasn't upset and supposedly cried happy tears when Kanye spilled the beans, especially because he announced it during one of her favorite songs, "Lost in the World." Aww! Kim is now scheduled to spend tonight, New Year’s Eve, in Vegas, where she’ll reportedly pick up six figures to be gawked at by people wanting to see The Bump.

Source: TMZ