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New Year’s Resolutions You’re Better Off NOT Making!

We know, we know — this year, you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to start budgeting, and you’re definitely going to organize your life before the producers of Hoarders start beating down your door.

Yep, you’ve been making resolutions since those extra 15 pounds were only 5 and your bank account had a few extra zeros in it. But we think being realistic with our 2013 goals makes for a better year all-around. So here are four New Year’s resolutions that you may be better off not making!

1. I will have my finances completely under control in a few months. According to The Money Couple, this is an impossibility for people who are in a deep financial mess, unless they have the winning Powerball ticket. Remember, it takes a long time to make the mess, so it takes a while to clean it up. Instead, if you’re in this position, set small goals for cleaning up debt and track how much you bring in and how much goes out.

2. I will join a gym. You might join, but you may not go enough to warrant the expense. You will probably spend a fortune on a membership, the highest tech (and cutest) running shoes, Madonna-grade workout clothes, and a new MP3 player. (See resolution #1: save your money.) Instead, promise to start by upping your activity by walking more or try a commitment-free class like Bikram yoga. If you find that you’re keeping up with your fitness goals, then it’s time to join that gym.

3. I will make more friends. If Facebook is becoming a verb in your life, you’re in trouble (i.e., “I stayed up all night facebooking and friended 100 people who I would never speak to in real life.”). Instead, focus on strengthening offline relationships with your true friends. Remember, when it comes to your buddies, it’s quality, not quantity.

4. I will stop swearing. Uh, no you won’t. If you’re worried about your kids, remember it’s okay for them to know that they have to wait until they’re grown-ups to curse when they stub a toe or break a nail. It’s one of the perks of being the mom.

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12.31.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Jo Aaron
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