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Jenelle Evans Splits With Husband Courtland Rogers Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Sigh. Can't we all just get along? Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers just got over an epic argument on December 28, and we thought the coast was clear. But they just had a huge Twitter blowout on Sunday, December 30, and now it's looking like this could be The End. As in, thanks for that 26 day marriage. (It's sad when even Kim Kardashian could beat your record.)

The trouble seemed to be because Courtland was talking on the phone to his daughter, Jordan, whose mother is Courtland's ex-girlfriend, Taylor Lewis. Apparently Jenelle believes Courtland was talking to Taylor and wants to get back together with her.

"So I just got broke up with because of talkin to my lil girl on the phone last night finally getting to here her tell me she loves dada! Wow (sic)," Courtland tweeted early Sunday a.m. “I cannot believe this. I dont understand how I can get divorced for hearin my daughter MY DAUGHTER tell me she loves me and goodnight. So now I just lost my soulmate and my wife and my future. And this just sucks."

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Jenelle tweeted, "First of all why is yr daughter up at 11pm anyways when u were 'talking' to her on the phone?! Haha right." She added, "no one even knows the truth what I've been going through and that's all I'm going to say. I can't blast him BAD but I'm not like Courtland or Taylor... I've dealt with this twitter shit for years... This is nothing new lol he can blast me all he wants but when he ends up in prison for yearsssssss cuz of the charges he has pending... He will then realize how shitty he is."

Fans urged the couple to work it out, but Jenelle argued, "dude he told everyone that he wanted Taylor to never ever contact him again then he waits until I'm asleep to talk to her? ... not to mention he doesn't HAVE to talk to Taylor on twitter and have a 'conversation' if he just talked to her on the phone." Someone else mentioned, "that's the mother of his child. You have to accept her too or walk away." Jenelle's response? "yeah I'm walking away she wants him back and he wants her so it's all good."

Other thoughts from Jenelle:

• "I need my best friend right now I can't stop crying @Vkillemm"

• "Why do we fall in love so easy even when it's not right? @Pink"

• "Deactivating twitter. Bye."

And that's all she wrote. Literally. The last post was late Sunday morning. It's possible this is it for the couple and it's possible they'll get back together and move on to the next drama. What do you think about it?

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01.1.2013 / 02:21 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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