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Scarlett Johansson on Marriage to Ryan Reynolds and Being “Super Sexualized” as a Curvy Teen

Scarlett Johansson just turned 28, but she's been well known since she was a teenager — from The Horse Whisperer in 1998 and Ghost World in 2001 to Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring in 2003.

She was under 20 when those films put her on the red carpet and in the public eye, turning her into a mini sex symbol, whether she liked it or not. “I think any woman who is curvy and wears a gown to an event is, like, super sexualized,” Scarlett told Elle UK (via Gossip Cop). “I mean, at the time I was 18, 19 — I was young. I’ve always been curvy. It runs in the family. Throw on an evening frock and it’s like all of a sudden you have boobs and everyone is like: 'bombshell!' Instantly it was: 'The new Marilyn [Monroe].'"

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The Marilyn thing was helped along by Scarlett going from dirty blonde to platinum blonde. But, yeah, she has the classic pin-up looks, from the pouty lips to the va-va-voom figure. Christina Hendricks probably gets the same thing every time she puts on a dress. Or anything else. They're not really bombshells, they're just drawn that way!

In the same Elle issue, the former Mrs. Ryan Reynolds (from 2008 to late 2010) said she has no real interest in getting married again and also has no plans to have kids. "I got married when I was young and it was incredibly romantic and I liked being married, actually. But it is different. It’s hard to put into words. To me, being in a functioning relationship doesn’t mean you have to be married." True! But she's still very young and may end up getting married again someday — to her current boyfriend or someone else. If not, no big deal. The world can manage without another celeb marriage!

Source: Elle UK, via Gossip Cop

01.1.2013 / 12:16 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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