The Best Damon and Elena Moments in Vampire Diaries Season 4 So Far
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The Vampire Diaries

The Best Damon and Elena Moments in Vampire Diaries Season 4 So Far

Vampire Diaries Season 3 ended with Elena (Nina Dobrev) choosing Stefan (Paul Wesley), but with her transition to a vampire in Season 4, she almost immediately decided that she preferred blue eyes to green. All season, the baby vamp has been drawn to Damon (Ian Somerhalder). But sire bond or not, you won’t find us complaining about our favorite Delena moments so far!

She Remembers: In the first episode of Season 4, Elena is stopped in her tracks (literally) by the memory of Damon’s “I love you” from Season 2. After seeing that man say those things, we definitely can’t blame a girl for wanting to see and hear more where that came from.

Blood sharing: In an oddly sexual moment, Elena drinks from Damon in Episode 2, an event that royally pisses Stefan off. And rightfully so. Because that. was. hot.

Dirty dancing: All it took for Damon to finally dirty dance with his love was a lot of frat boys and a lot more human blood.

He saves her: After killing Connor (Todd Williams), Elena got to experience the joys of going mad. But it was Damon who saved her life, and she was grateful to say the least. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen such a charged hand hold. Well, other than at the motel last year.

She tells him: Leave it to the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant to be the place that holds all the favorite moments of Delena fans. After she and Stefan break up, Elena decides that the pageant is the perfect place to tell Damon the reason that she and Stefan are no more: him. His smirk? Yep, it warmed our hearts. This was of course followed by some top-notch across-the-crowd longing glances.

Sex, round one: The dance in front of the fire? The breaking of furniture? The leg lift? Yeah, we’ll never forget this moment. It probably doesn’t help that we keep rewatching it either.

Sex, round two: Happiness, passion, and some very strong nails made for another sexy Delena love scene.

Off to school: After Damon’s back heals from the early morning love making, he walks Elena to the front door in what might be the most adorable interaction in Delena history. Playful Damon is pretty irresistible. He's also just pretty.

Don’t do it: After Damon and Elena learn of the sire bond, Elena begs Damon not to let her go. She puts his hand to her heart, places her hand on his face… and we die.

“I want to throw you back in my bed, and never let you leave.” That is all.

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