Vampire Diaries Countdown: Klaus’s Top 10 Most Evil Moments (VIDEOS)
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Countdown: Klaus’s Top 10 Most Evil Moments (VIDEOS)

When Klaus showed up in Mystic Falls in Alaric’s body, his reputation had preceded him. We’d heard time and again (mostly from Rose) that Klaus was the most powerful original, that he was pure evil, and that he cared nothing for human life. Two seasons of Vampire Diaries later, we’ve learned that just about all of that is true, except for perhaps the pure evil part.

Throughout the years, we’ve discovered Klaus’s weakness (loneliness), and we’ve watched him form friendships and even a crush. But at the end of the day, he’s still a bad guy... albeit a very sad, complicated (and hot) one.

So, in honor of his bad-guy acts in the midseason finale, we’ve rounded up Klaus’s Top 10 Most Evil Moments. Grab a drink, turn down the lights, and join us for a trip down a very dark and rather bloody memory lane:

7) Telling Tyler to bite Caroline: Two words: Messed up.

1) Killing his own mother: Do we really need to explain this one?

4) Killing Carol Lockwood: He’s mad at Tyler, so he drowns his poor mother? We know you have feelings Klaus — and it’s OK to let them out! But you don’t have to act like this (though we secretly love it)!

10) Killing the brotherhood of the five: They did dagger him first, but the sheer amount of blood in that flashback seemed harsh.

6) Killing Tyler: He did it so that Bonnie would help him solve his hybrid problem, but nearly killing Tyler? Not cool, Klaus. Not cool.

After this brief trip through the past, well... we’re sick of writing “killing.” But also, we’re rethinking this whole Klaroline thing. Then again, this man does draw pictures of pretty ponies. See our dilemma?

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3) Killing Katherine’s entire family: Again, someone made him mad (and forced him into more years of loneliness). But taking it out on Katherine’s unknowing parents? Sheesh.

9) Killing his hybrids: Yet again, they betrayed him first. But there’s just something about the way in which Klaus murders that seems... heartless. Pun fully intended.

2) Killing Jenna: The fact that Klaus turned Jenna into a vampire for the sole purpose of killing her in his sacrifice still gets our blood boiling. We’ll never forgive him for that one, no matter how many times he paints a snowflake.

5) Making Stefan bite Elena: This is one instance when Klaus took things too far... and he did it just because he could. After realizing that the only thing stronger than Stefan’s desire for blood was his “love for this one girl,” Klaus compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions and bite her. Somebody was not in the mood for an epic love story that day.

8) Daggering his siblings (over and over again): Rebekah informed us that Klaus’s heightened sense is how he feels about being let down or disappointed in someone, and so over the years it has caused him to dagger every one of his siblings at least once. But to think that Finn was in a coffin for more than 900 years? And also that Klaus kept the world from looking at Elijah for any period of time at all... it’s just so wrong.

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