What Was 2012’s Most Surprising Hookup? (POLL)
Credit: Bart/Wylde / Splash News; Tom Meinelt / Splash News; Jason Merritt/Getty Images    
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What Was 2012’s Most Surprising Hookup? (POLL)

Loads of celebrities struck up new relationships (and frowned-upon flings ahem, Kristen Stewart) in 2012. Not all of these romances are surprising, but some certainly had us doing a double-click.

Examples from both ends of the spectrum: We’re still squeeing over the Michelle Williams-Jason Segel pairing, and we can’t stop shaking our heads over Rihanna and Chris Brown’s rekindled thing (those two sure know how to avoid labels).

Of 2012’s following celeb hookups, which one caught you the most off-guard?

I wasn't really surprised by any of these.

I can't decide!