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The Vampire Diaries

Where Is Ian Somerhalder For New Year’s 2013?

Ian Somerhalder has taken his hotness out of the country for 2013. The Vampire Diaries star tweeted on December 31, "Happy New Year's Eve from South East Asia!No Mayan Armageddon-lets make this year count.Lets do it together.Are you with me?" Who would say no?

Where exactly in the world is Mr. Smolderhotter? He tweeted this update, "New Year's Eve in Thailand a bit wet b/c of..." adding the cloudy photo shown. He should've invited us — we would've brought extra umbrellas!

Credit: @iansomerhalder    

Ian may be enjoying some vacay time, but he's never off-duty when it comes to helping animals. "So many dogs with no home here...Like EVERYWHERE,” he tweeted. “Goal this year-put minds together-finish research on oral sterilization drugs for dogs&cats ... Gonna need some help;)"

So now we have some goals for 2013: Help Ian make this year count, specifically by helping him find homes for animals. Sounds like a plan!

Speaking of plans. Nina Dobrev is also in Thailand, but she's found a new soul mate — and she's planning to marry him! Sorry, Ian...

Source: @iansomerhalder