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Sin City Rules’ Kimberly Friedmutter on Keeping the Peace, the Perks of Judgment, and the Power of Hypnosis – EXCLUSIVE

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It would only be fair to say that when you agree to star on a reality show — especially one that takes its cues from the Real Housewives franchise — you know exactly what you’re getting into. After four episodes of TLC’s new series Sin City Rules — which follows the daughter of a mob boss, a cosmetics mogul, a champion poker player, an entertainment reporter, and a gun-loving fashion designer — it’s safe to say that the TLC Housewives-equivalent isn’t exactly promoting lasting friendships and girl power.

With manipulating, backstabbing, and tearful meals at the center of each episode, we couldn’t help but be a little surprised that celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter, wife of famed architect Brad Friedmutter, was set to join the show. But on the January 1 episode, Kimberly found herself at the center of a confrontational lunch where Las Vegas reporter Alicia was defending her new freelance status and mob daughter Amy brought up Ukrainian Lana’s messy legal past. Soon after, the newest addition to the show took the initiative to become the catalyst for peace — or, at least, she tried.

Before her first episode aired, Kimberly sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to discuss her decision to join the show, what she hopes she can bring to the table, and why it’s sometimes OK to judge others.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You seem so even-keeled compared to the other women on the show.
Kimberly Friedmutter: Oh, that's funny. Yes, I think that's probably my whole purpose. But it's going to be fun for me, and I'll tell you why. Number one, it's new for me. I don't know their lifestyle, and I don't think they understand yet what I really do. We haven't had any in-depth conversations about it yet. When I start speaking about things I know, they're look at me like I'm speaking in dog tones. But they're all neat ladies, and they all have their really interesting elements to bring to the show.

So when they approached you, what did you want to get out of the experience?
Well, Brad's parents died young, and my mother passed away young, so we have a churn-and-burn mentality. We really believe that you use it or you lose it. You have to keep your activity level high, and you have to run like the wind because it could be a still day one day. We're always after fun, so if this felt like fun — and it did — we were game for it.

Is there an alpha woman in you that we’re just not aware of yet?
More than likely. Brad put it best earlier. He said, “She might look like a party on the outside, but she’s all business on the inside.” I understand and I appreciate the fun aspects of life, but I'm a thinker. So I watch eye movements. I watch patterns of thought and internal representations — what people really mean and what they're not saying. I can't turn that off. So with the girls, and how it pertains to the show, I'm able to see a lot and say a little. I stay very watchful and very quiet until I can't help myself.

Are we going to see you clashing with anyone?
Well, you may. This is what I don't know because — just like in life — I could have this conversation with you, and then you could go over there and have a whole other thing.

And then it turns into conflict.
Right. I have no idea. Seriously, we could have a conversation with one of the girls, and they’re like, “What planet are you from?” That's what I really feel like. And maybe I'm underestimating them, but I don't know what happens when they leave me.

Which of the women on the show makes your head spin the hardest?
They all do in different ways. My goal was to attract the best parts of these women. I kind of don't care what the rest of the world thinks about you, and I hope you don't care what they think about me either. But I can see that each of these women has attracted what looks like the worst out of each other. So I expect to see goodness and greatness out of these women. We'll tune in and see.

You seem more accepting of Lana than the other women.
Well, here's the thing: I'm used to people coming to me to fix their problems. I look at why they're like that. I personally don't think there's a problem with Lana, but I haven't experienced a problem with her. When I say this to the other girls, they look at me like I have three heads. And that's fair because their experience isn’t going to be the same as my experience.

These women seem very wary of being judged.
Well, I'm all about judgment because judgment's very primal. Why are we all going, “I'm not judging you”? The hell you're not. Do you know how many bits of information you take in every day? You take in millions of bits of information through your eyes. You'd better judge. It's called survival. And if you were an animal in the woods, you'd be judging. So I have no problem with judgment.

How do you explain to people what you do for a living in simplistic terms?
Hypnosis is interesting because it's all subconscious work. What's interesting about it is that it gets to places in the brain that other people really don't delve into. So usually when people come to me, they've been to everyone else. Medicine takes us to great places, but if that doesn't fix it, or there are other outstanding problems, then they need deeper work, which is in the subconscious mind. It's a fun, neat process. And it's becoming less woo-woo and more and more accepted and looked at seriously because it does make swift, efficient change that’s long-lasting. It's an interesting thing.

You also use your knowledge for interior design. How does it pertain to aesthetics?
When people walk into our home, there's an overwhelming sense of reverence and sanctity. There always has been in my homes. Your home is your healing spot. It's very important for you to be nurtured in that time at home in order to go back out to the proverbial war of the world. And you need to make it that. When you design or decorate a space, there's usually a theme. We, as people, are not thematic. And my advice is to make a space ‘you’ right away because you're the one doing the healing and the restoring there. We did this tropical oasis in the desert, because we feel best in tropical spaces. Brad is the architect. He can tell you the degrees of how everything is. I know how to create the emotion in the room. So together, it's so fantastic because he can sketch out a room and then I can say, “Put a cabana over there, darling — hurry!”

01.2.2013 / 08:51 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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