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Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans Deny Divorce Rumors: What Really Happened?

You probably spent New Year's Eve crying into a pile of party decorations thanks to Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers’ most recent split. Well, crisis averted, y'all. After Courtland and Jenelle kinda-sorta broke up due to complications with his baby mama, Taylor Lewis, they are back on track and more in love than ever!

"For the record I never broke up with jenelle we took a day break with our families to enjoy time with them I love her with all my heart," Courtland tweeted on January 1st, adding, "Jenelle and I are happily married I don't know why the news said we were officially getting a divorce when clearly we are together lol."

FYI, the reason Jenelle and Courtland's supposed divorce bamboozled the Internet is because of the following tweet Courtland sent to Jenelley's ex-fiancé, Gary Head: "I wish I would of listened to u bro she just divorced me for talking to my daughter."

Luckily, the past is in the past, and Jenelle and Courty are most certainly together. In fact, they spent New Year's Eve partying like rockstars at The Liquid Room in North Carolina. Meanwhile, Jenelle claims that Court's baby mama is to blame for their relationship problems.

"About this whole Taylor situation.... Courtland has told Taylor to please leave us alone and she gets all mad and posts tweets. That's all," Jenelle explained, adding "I have NOT been staying at my moms either I've been living with him and been there everyday so no Court hasn't seen her at ALL, lmao."

Let's hope Jenelle, Courtland, and Taylor find a way to get along for the sake of Courty's daughter, JaJa! By the way, are you are relieved as we are that Court and Jenelle are back together? Phew, guys, phew.