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The Lying Game

Lying Game Season 2: Charisma Carpenter Talks Surprising Relationships and a Big Wedding — Exclusive

The Lying Game Season 2 premiere is right around the corner, and Charisma Carpenter (who plays Rebecca Sewell) spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about which character needs to be cautious of Rebecca’s intentions, and a huge event viewers will have to wait all season for.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I love how deliciously evil your character is on this show.

Charisma Carpenter: She's not evil. She's misunderstood.

So she really has a heart of gold?

Well, you have to have a heart of gold if your only motive is to reunite your family, right? At any cost.

Where do we pick up in the first episode back from your hiatus?

We pick up with the revelation that she's a mom to the twins, and then the rest of the season is about how does she get her family under the same roof. There's mistakes that are made. New characters are introduced. The relationships are a surprise. There's a wedding.

There's a wedding?

You have to wait a really long time for that one.

When it comes to reuniting the family, what do you think the odds are?
There's some really compelling scenes. I think things happen. Kristin makes a mistake. It leaves an opening for Rebecca. She goes for the jugular on it, and there's some real compelling scenes. There's some beautiful scenes where you think, “Oh, wow. This could very well happen.” And if it really does, we don't know because it's milked out.

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABC Family Channel © 2012 Disney    

That's really interesting because on the surface of it, you never think that this is going to happen. For your creator Chuck Pratt to actually make it possible, that's brilliant.

It is brilliant. He's very savvy. He's been around the block. He knows how to write a good tease. Yeah, it's impressive that it can actually happen. It's the possibility of happening. Whether or not it actually happens, I can't say. It's good stuff, and it’s well worth viewing, for sure. New people come to town, and I think that opens doors. And we get to see more of Rebecca, and you get to see what lengths she's willing to go to get what she wants. There's a lot of justification. There's a lot of things that you realize happened, and you feel sorry for her. It must have been really devastating to have been lied to, to have been made to believe that it was in the greater good of your children if you don't have your children. And then it's all a big lie. Then you find out they were separated. How could anybody allow that to happen? She wants her kids back, and I think that's honorable in a way. And it makes it difficult to hate her because you understand.

Are you able to elaborate at all when Emma will find out about her mother?

It's a while.

What will that encounter be like?

Heavy. It will be a heavy scene. I think you end up walking away feeling bad for both of them.

What do you love about Rebecca?

I love her ability to work both sides. I think it's amazing. She can see opportunity in any situation and she's able to wield it in a way to make it work for her. I think that's impressive. How do you make lemonade from lemons? And she has that down to a science. I love that about her. I love her fashion taste. I love her house. I love that she's smart. She's smart, and she sees things through. She's got a plan. She's a girl with a plan. I would always be wary of a woman with a plan.
Did you know from the beginning that you were the twins’ mother?

I did. And then when I showed up, it was so evident. I mean we are so physically similar in a lot of ways that it was just very evident to me. And I think most people would agree to that. Viewers would agree.

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