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Who Is Carrie Diaries Star AnnaSophia Robb? 5 Things to Know

The Carrie Diaries is coming soon and so we want to make sure you’re prepared. You might already be a HUGE Sex and the City fan like we are and have some skepticism thinly veiled behind your need to be reunited with Carrie Bradshaw, like, yesterday. It’s possible that you’ve never even heard of SATC (although it does mean we can’t be friends), and so you’re like “what the f are you talking about?” This. This is what we’re talking about. The show is a prequel to the iconic fashion-meets-relationships 101 show, and stars actress AnnaSophia Robb as a teenage Carrie. To help you get to know the pint-size actress, we’ve compiled a few fun facts for you. Here they are:

1. She is a pro at being in book adaptations. Besides the Sex and the City prequel she’s about to get into, she made a pretty big mark on the movie world in a couple other book-to-film flicks. In 2005, she starred in both Because of Winn-Dixie and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. In 2007, she was also in Bridge to Terabithia, which was originally an excellent book. Oh, and, um, Race to Witch Mountain... that was based on a book too.

2. She’s a total smarty pants. You don’t get to the top of the acting pile without having a little street smarts behind your pretty smile. But she’s got more than that -- AnnaSophia Robb let it slip in May that although she was accepted to Stanford for college, she was deferring to pursue acting instead. NBD.

3. She’s a recording artist. Because sometimes it’s not enough to be a major box office sensation, AnnaSophia also sings. But unlike some actresses who “sing,” this girl recorded a song for Bridge to Terabithia which charted on the Billboard Top 100. (Feeling lazy yet?)

4. She’s got friends in wild places. We all like to drop names, but she’s got a pretty rad best friend. And she’s not trying to camouflage it. That’s a Hunger Games reference, guys. Because apparently, AS’s best friend is Josh Hutcherson.

5. She’s a dancing queen. Among her many talents, AnnaSophia also counts cutting a rug. And not to be outdone by, um, anyone else, she is pretty well rounded. How much so? Well, she’s trained in gymnastics, jazz, hip-hop, the Irish jig (yep), and... breakdancing. Short story? Don’t block her way to the dance floor because she will make you look ridiculous.

Source: Wikipedia, imdb

01.3.2013 / 03:11 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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