5 Things Blake Lively Should Do Now That Gossip Girl Is Over
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Gossip Girl

5 Things Blake Lively Should Do Now That Gossip Girl Is Over

The end ihas come and left for for Gossip Girl (sniff!). Now that we’ve finally worked through the stages of grief and arrived at reluctant acceptance — while reserving the right to throw ourselves right back into despair whenever we wake from UES dreams in a cold sweat — it’s time to look forward. Life goes on after all, both for GG fans and for the stars that have made it amazing. So, what should Blake Lively do next, now that she will no longer be portraying Serena van der Woodsen on Monday nights? We have some ideas:

1. Have a baby with Ryan Reynolds.
Blake, have you seen the two of you? You’re, like, really pretty together. Please, the gene pool needs your offspring. Suri can’t be the only fashionable child on our radar. Be fruitful and multiply.

2. Get the Sisterhood back together.
It’s been four years since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and you and the rest of the cast from the first two movies are old enough now that you could totally star in the adaptation of Sisterhood Everlasting. (Plus we think Alexis Bledel could use the work – other than starring in Mad Men, we’re worried she might be eternally lost watching a Gilmore Girls marathon.)

3. Give Ben Affleck a call.
Not only was The Town a really good movie, it also showed us a drastically different side of you than the one we’ve gotten used to with Serena. Perhaps Ben has another upcoming role you can sink your teeth into? If it’s as good at the last one, you could be hearing Oscar buzz in no time. And don’t worry, we told Ben about your beef with him...

4. Become a red carpet consultant.
You’re pretty much flawless on the red carpet. Even when the dress you’re wearing isn’t that great, you always manage to pose beautifully and look fabulous. Are you just born with it? Maybe. But we definitely think there are some starlets out there who could (and should) learn from you. (In fact, you wouldn’t even have to travel that far to find clients, if you catch our drift.)

5. Have another baby with Ryan Reynolds.
Seriously, you guys. Soooo many babies. Like, one for every perfect chromosome you could share.

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01.5.2013 / 06:30 PM EDT by Amber Garrett
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