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5 Winter Emergency Essentials to Keep in Your Car

When bad weather hits, car accidents and breakdowns on our roads increase. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way by assembling an emergency safety kit with these five essentials from

A potable stash of water can literally be a lifesaver for both drinking and sanitation. Have at least two quarts per average adult on hand at all times. Buy or store in smaller containers if space is limited.

Long-lasting, high-protein snacks such a protein bars and dried fruit will help keep everyone’s energy up in the event you need to wait for help to arrive.

Keeping the cold at bay is essential when the temperature drops. Get an emergency blanket, or a few large, warm fleece or wool blankets. If you can spare the room, rain jackets or ponchos are also a good idea.

A heavy-duty flashlight sheds light on your situation and handily illuminates the way if there’s a need to leave the vehicle.

First Aid Kit
Make sure you can triage any minor injuries in the event of an accident or breakdown in a remote location with a fully stocked mini kit.

Basic Tools
A shovel and a multi-purpose knife are useful for a wide variety of purposes.

These are just the basics — for additional items you may want to add to your kit, head over to

Need a kit but don’t have time to put it together? Take the guesswork out of emergency preparedness by purchasing a pre-assembled kit, such as the ones offered by American Family Safety.


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