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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Faye Resnick Doesn’t Feel Bad About Confronting Brandi Glanville in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 8

Get ready for more dinner party angst in Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls Season 3, Episode 8.

In the previous episode, Kyle Richards had the ladies over to laugh, chat, and have fun. We started getting flashbacks to another dinner party from hell, because Faye Resnick called out Brandi Glanville over the latter’s comments about Adrienne Maloof. With most of the guests looking on uncomfortably, Faye told Brandi, “You can’t just be making these random allegations.”

As Brandi tried to explain what was happening between her and Adrienne, Faye asked if the former model had called and apologized. “It would be really nice,” Faye said. Kyle jumped in to agree with Faye, suggesting that it would make things easier if Brandi simply sent flowers. Then Lisa Vanderpump intervened to defend Brandi. Faye continued to say that Brandi made vicious comments and attacks on people.

The situation deteriorated, and Brandi ended up outside, ready to leave. In a clip for the new episode, Kyle follows her guest, trying to bring a tearful Brandi back to the party. Back inside, Faye is unrepentant. “Well, I’m sorry I don’t feel bad about what I said,” she tells the rest of the group. She doesn’t buy any of of Brandi’s excuses about why she spreads “her viciousness.”

By telling Lisa that she was “sweet” for defending Brandi, it looks like Faye may have made another enemy.

These ladies just really need to start meeting for lunch, instead.