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The Kardashians

Kanye West Says Kris Humphries Claiming Kim Kardashian’s Baby Would Be a “Grave Mistake”: Report

Kanye West is hoping that his exciting baby news with Kim Kardashian isn't complicated by any Maury-esque drama.

Kanye has reportedly been telling friends that it would be a "grave mistake" for Kim's ex-husband Kris Humphries to try to claim that Kim's baby is his, according to Hollywood Life. Yikes.

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Says Kanye's friend, "That would be some foul s**t for someone to even think about doing and I, for one, would hope and encourage Kris not to even try to pull some bulls**t like that." No mincing of words there.

Apparently, the fact that Kim and Kris are still legally married is adding stress to the situation.

“Kanye don’t even like the fact [Kris is] still playing games with Kim over their divorce,” continues the source. "Don’t forget that because Kanye hasn’t, and now that Kim is about to mother his child, he wants him to let her go and get the f**k on!”

So in case you were wondering if Kanye and Kris Humphries are pals, the answer appears to be "not so much."

Source: Hollywood Life