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Gossip Girl

5 Things Leighton Meester Should Do Now That Gossip Girl Is Over

We’re all sad that Gossip Girl is over (even though the cast was definitely not heartbroken about it). Leighton Meester has made the role of Blair Waldorf a television legend: She’s a stylish dresser, a brilliant con-artist, and she gets to have dirty dirty limo sex with Chuck Bass.

Now that it’s all come to an end, we thought Leighton might want a little help figuring out what she should do next. Don’t worry, L, we’re here to help.

1) Get to know LA
Leighton has been all up in New York for years now, so with her new LA zip code, it’s about time she gets in touch with her easy, breezy new lifestyle.

2) Open a detective agency
It would be a shame for all that practice taking down It-girls and phonies to go to waste. We’re thinking “The Meester Meister” would be a good sleuthy nickname.

3) Polish her new look
Leigh seems to be going through some sort of PTSD kinda thing right now. First, she ups and moves to LA, then she hacks off her hair. But it’s not a bad thing. With her new ‘do and address, she can totally reinvent herself. Namely, more fitted sundresses and fewer accessories. We vote a permanent ban on headbands — she’s worn enough for a lifetime.

4) Work with Demi Lovato on an anti-bullying campaign
For years, B has enjoyed terrorizing young girls. We can’t help but think that more than a few of the actresses she made cry on cue might be hunkered down in a corner, crying for real. It could be good if Leighton teams up with The X Factor judge Demi Lovato to battle the bullies.

5) Date Ed Westwick
So, Chuck and Blair aren’t doing it for our pleasure anymore... maybe Ed and Leighton can hold hands in public some time to give us a thrill? Just a thought.

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01.6.2013 / 06:48 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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