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Downton Abbey

“Mary Is Such a Kardashian”: Downton Abbey Season 3 Premiere Tweets

Mary and Matthew finally walked down the aisle on last night's Downton Abbey Season 3 premiere, so it's time to move on to the real wedding of the year: Edith and Sir Anthony! (Yes, some things in this world are not about you, Mary. #TeamEdith) Zap2it scoured the web during the two-hour PBS broadcast, choosing some of the best Downton tweets. Here’s a small taste of the (hilarious) viewer reactions:

• "Is it just me, or did Bates get better looking? Prison becomes him. #downtonPBS #freebates" -- Librarian Kate

• "'Why do you have to be so *disappointing*?' That's way harsh, Tai. #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Alyssa Lynne

• "Well, Mary, if you're not going to take Matthew's integrity as a gift to humanity, then I WILL. Step aside. #DowntonPBS" -- Lil Nerdette

Credit: ITV    

• "Mary is such a Kardashian #downtonPBS" -- Maggie May Jones

• "Poor Matthew always being left massive fortunes #downtonabbey #DowntonPBS" -- Cummings Goings

• "Mary's golddigging already and she isn't even married to Matthew. #downtonabbey #DowntonPBS" -- Vivacious Virgo

• "I normally love Edwardian fashions, but that dress makes Mary look like a sack of potatoes. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe

• "Edith is the Meg Griffin of the Crawley family #DowntonPBS" -- Kayla Billadeau

• "I want this series to end with Lady Edith just gunning down everyone at Downton and driving away in a car laughing maniacally #DowntonPBS" -- Alex E. Hoopes

• "Honestly there should just be a 'PSA: DON'T LISTEN TO THOMAS ABOUT ANYTHING' sign in the #DowntonAbbey kitchen at all times. #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions

• "Edith just needs to hold a radio over her head outside of Sir Anthony's window. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe

• "sir anthony is terrifying. those eyes. stop it. #downtonpbs" -- Nicole Anegon

• "I'm having a love/hate relationship with no commercial breaks. #Ineedtourinate #DowntonPBS" -- Kevin Swan

Read the full roundup for a lot more.

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01.7.2013 / 06:25 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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