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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2 Episode 10: “Power”

Revenge is back in our lives and it's all so beautiful. But while you're basking in the glow of Nolan's double popped collar, let's take a moment to revisit the biggest WTF moments of the episode. Because guys? They were plentiful. And also Declan was involved, which always brings joy to our hearts.

1. Jack Makes Amanda Worst Necklace Ever
Look everyone, stop judging Jack. We know there's a lot to make fun of (his hair...the fact that he named his boat after a 7-year-old girl...), but dude is a craftsman and he needs to be respected. When Jack isn't busy counting seashells by the seashore, he can be found stringing up shards of sea glass into beautiful chunky necklaces. Jack gifted one of these creations to Amanda, and yes it was kind of cute, but let's be real. Who wants to put ancient beach glass around their neck on their wedding day? It's like asking for a staph infection.

2. Victoria's House Almost Burns Down, No One Cares
Did anyone else notice that there was a mysterious pyromaniac at Victoria's dinner party for Judge Barnes and his wife? It's like, everyone was sitting down minding their own business at the dinner table, and then WHOOSH, an enormous flame ball erupted in the corner. We can only assume that Victoria decided to think out of the box and invite the folks from Benihana to cater her party. After all, there's nothing more impressive than a miniature volcano made out of onions. Oh, the hijinks! The delicious hijinks!

3. Declan = Terrible at Looking for Drugs
Poor Declan is so bad at everything. This seaman can't even steal lobsters without getting beaten up in a back alley, and this week was no exception. Our poor tenderhearted Decs attempted to go on a drug raid in a giant sack of coffee beans, and ended up spilling said beans all over the floor. What commenced was Declan writing around on the ground in a panic, covered in coffee and drugs. Worst attempt at narcing ever.

4. Conrad Lives Life of Luxury, Remains Fabulous
Now that Conrad has nothing to do and no one to accidentally-on-purpose murder, he's finally chillin' like a villain –– and we mean that in the most literal way possible. Yep, Connie has morphed from an uptight businessman into a madras shorts-wearing, boat shoes-sporting old timer. We expect him to grow bald and develop a comb-over any day now. When he starts accusing Barack Obama of not being a citizen we'll know the transformation is complete.

5. Jack Fails To Tell Amanda That He's In Jail
You'd think that Jack would use his one phone call from jail to alert Amanda to the fact that he's, you know, incarcerated, but no. Instead he called up Mandy and mumbled "the police found drugs and a gun on The Amanda." We kinda-sort heard Jack mutter something vague about jail, but Baby Carl David's wails of anguish completely drowned him out, so as far as Amanda knows Jack has fled the country on some makeshift boat made out of driftwood and tears.

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