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Australian Mom Finds 6-Foot Python Wrapped Around Toddler

You hold your child protectively when playing around the dog and shoo the cat away if it looks ready to pounce, but what do you do when faced with a six-foot python that’s wrapped itself around your daughter’s arm?

According to Australia’s News Network, 22-year-old Tess Guthrie of Lismore, Australia got a rude awakening yesterday morning when she discovered her 2-year-old daughter Zara arm-deep in coiled python.

Although some moms would’ve stood helpless in the doorway, frozen in fear, Tess wasted no time in grabbing the serpent’s head to immobilize the attack until the snake removal service arrived. Tess’s best efforts did cause the snake to bite Zara three times on the hand, but she was later treated for the bites at the hospital, which were neither venomous nor life threatening.

Shocker number two is that Tess actually requested that the snake be released back into the wild a mere three miles from her home. We’re all animal lovers here, but if a large reptile attacked our child, we would want to see it released on another continent.

Wait, can’t pythons swim?

Tex Tillis, the snake removal expert that came to the rescue, assures the Australian News Network that “the snake, not in any way, shape or form, had intended to eat the baby — it was trying to have a group hug.”

Somehow that doesn’t make us feel any better!

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01.8.2013 / 02:28 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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