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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: Who Does Trista Sutter Think Sean Lowe Should Pick?

OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter was somewhat before the Wetpaint era, but the time has come to listen to her sage words of wisdom.

First of all, Trista loves Sean. "He not only seems to be a real man’s man with a smile and a body that makes girls swoon but he also seems incredibly genuine, intelligent, sensitive, and actually endearingly vulnerable," she writes in her Parade blog. "He also reminds me of my prince charming and anyone who reminds me of the father of my children gets major points."

That prince charming she refers to is hubby Ryan, who she met on the first season of The Bachelorette and — shocker — actually married! (Bonus: the two of them are totally happy and normal.)

As far as Trista's personal picks for Sean's future bride goes, she has her eye on six lucky ladies: "My frontrunners are DEFINITELY AshLee (LOVE her style, her accent, her sincerity, their already palpable chemistry and most importantly…her organization skills!), Tierra (ya know…all that Colorado/Yorkie stuff I mentioned), Desiree (because I’ve always wanted someone to throw pennies in the fountain), Sarah (GORgeous AND from Colorado too!), Lesley (the trick with getting Sean to show off his derriere was genius), and one of my all-time favorite southern belles, Kacie!!"

Do you agree with Trista's picks? We have some major concerns about Tierra due to her hatred of cookies in an upcoming episode (um, spoiler alert?), but other than that, girlfriend seems right on!

Source: Parade