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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 10, “Significant Others”: Two Houseguests and a Murder

A New Year has begun, and you know what they means: the Castle hiatus is over and Mondays are filled with an overload of Caskett. 2013, we knew you’d be a great year. So without further ado, let’s get into Season 5, Episode 10: “Significant Others.”

Three’s Company!

What happens when Castle, his girlfriend, and his ex-wife all shack up together for a couple of days? Cue the awkward. Go!

Beckett’s apartment is being fumigated, so she’s playing house with Castle at the loft. What the duo hadn’t planned on was Alexis coming down with a case of mono from her boyfriend, Max.

She was supposed to be in Paris with mommy dearest, but the kissing disease means no travel and the watchful eye of a responsible parent. So why is Meredith, Castle’s “deep-fried Twinkie” of an ex-wife knocking on the loft door? That’s right, folks. Meredith’s in town and the look of her luggage says she plans to stay a while to nurse Alexis back to health.

Oh, Right. There’s a Murder!

No, Beckett didn’t kill Castle over the Meredith situation. But she might if Castle can’t find a solution, and quick. To Beckett, the only one worth offering is that Meredith has to go.

Meanwhile, Michelle Twohey, the divorce attorney for the rich and famous was sitting in her car, a piece of paper in hand with the name R. Garrison and an address on it. Moments later, someone enters her back seat and jags her in the jugular. The weapon of choice — an ice pick. Ouch!

Twohey’s short haul boyfriend, Corey Francis, is called down to the station, but he’s of no immediate help. All he knows is that Michelle was working on some high profile cases that caused her a lot of stress.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Esposito follow the scribbled address to the home of Rob Garrison, with his blonde-bombshell wife, Jane, answering the door. Rob, a forensic accountant, consults on a lot of divorce cases and figured the reason Michelle reached out to him had to something to do with one of her cases. He says that Michelle was eager to meet up quickly, but didn’t give many specifics.

Ryan and Espo check out her current cases at the helm of Beckett, who is looking for any ex-husbands who might have threatened her.

“Men are known for doing stupid things when it come to their ex-wives,” Becket says glaring in Castle’s direction. Clearly, she hasn’t even come close to forgiving him about Meredith.

Credit: Carol Kaelson/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Castle Is Still in the Doghouse!

Castle says he’s going to take care of the current living situation, stat, to appease Beckett. She heads down to the morgue to visit Lanie, who first wants to give her a lethal injection of reality. Even though Kate trusts her crime-fighting beau, she shouldn’t trust the evil redhead who helps herself to “ex-sex” every time she comes into town. Lanie says that this is war, and Kate’s losing, hard. Oh, and there’s also someone else’s blood found on a button of the vic’s jacket.

Back at the loft, Castle tries to a convo with his ex, but manipulative Meredith is not budging, only interrupting Castle every second he utters a word. Just look at the twinkle in Meredith’s eye. She gets what she wants, yet again. And tension only rises for Caskett.

In other news, a man was seen fleeing the scene the night of the murder. They pull surveillance from the subway and ID him as Herman Poquille. The gang assumes he was hired by one of the scorned ex’s to kill Michelle since he doesn’t match any of the men from her current cases. They find Herman, but their theory is wrong. He was a photographer who was hired and fired by Michelle, but she was desperate to get him back for one last job. When he got to her car that night, Michelle was already dead and he didn’t want to get mixed up in the murder. Text messages confirm his story that he wasn’t out to get Michelle. There was even a video message to boot.

Scorned Ex-Wives are the Worst!

The blood on Michelle’s jacket belongs to Samantha Voss (now Peterman), the bitter ex-wife of Walter Voss. The two got into a physical altercation, causing Samantha’s blood to land on Michelle’s ensemble. How rude!

Maybe it was an ex-wife out for revenge, not an ex-husband. Samantha lost her divorce big time no thanks to Michelle. But her way of getting revenge is destroying valuables, not murder. Michelle was wrapped up in some personal drama and that’s why she lost Peterman’s case — enter Michelle’s ex-husband, Walter. Samantha and Walter start breaking vases, leading both to be arrested.

The guys question Castle about his two divorces, and he says both ended amicably. “Yeah, a little too amicable.” Castle tells Ryan and Espo about Meredith and they both agree that he’s playing with fire. He needs to right this wrong.

Credit: Carol Kaelson/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Disappearing Act!

More digging into Michelle’s personal drama leads Beckett and company to bring the boyfriend back in for questioning. There’s just one minor problem — he doesn’t exist. His phone has been disconnected, and his name and address are all fake. They had noticed a University of New York ring on his finger — Espo’s alma mater — and set out to find him using the highly tech system of thumbing through old yearbook pages.

Meanwhile, Castle hatches an almost perfect plan to alleviate his baby momma drama. He’s booked Caskett at the ambassador’s suite at the Four Seasons. Wrong. Beckett says he should have forced Meredith out, not her. Check minus for Castle. He only continues digging his pending grave even deeper. At least Beckett is standing her ground. She’s not going anywhere.

The next morning, Beckett is making coffee when Meredith slides downstairs in minimal clothing. Castle’s coffee has been swiped by the ex, in which she adds a little nutmeg, Castle’s favorite after a long night. And there goes some knowledge Meredith has over Beckett. Why’d she have to touch the coffee? That’s a Caskett thing!

At the precinct, the spatting continues between Rick and Kate. Castle is only spared when Beckett finds Corey Francis (aka Noah Kesswood) in one of the yearbooks, and he has background in military intelligence. No way is this a coincidence. Several large wire transfers were made to an account registered in his name. Where from? A local law firm who hired Noah, on behalf of a client. But who’s the client?

The Pro-Athlete Is Usually a Viable Suspect!

None other than Billy Piper, a pro golfer who was going through a divorce and took a boating trip with his soon-to-be ex to rekindle the romance. But she never made it back, leading the media into a frenzy that he killed her. She loses a life, and he loses his reputation and endorsement deals. However without a body, the Feds could never charge him.

How is Michelle involved? She was Leann Piper’s divorce attorney. Boom! Plot thickens. A little digging around Michelle’s computer confirmed that she had been looking into Leann’s murder. Billy is now the prime suspect, believing Michelle could have found evidence to indict Piper.

Castle and Beckett question a slightly drunk Billy, but he’s not the most cooperative, playing the, “I don’t remember” game. That could be the booze talking. Eventually, he says that he’s the victim in all of this, not Leann. He remains that she fell off the boat by accident and he had nothing to do with it. They need Noah to help connect the dots and tag Billy to the murder.

Down at the 12th, Meredith calls Beckett and invites her out to dinner, and she agrees. Initially, Castle seems calm, but a little bro chat with Esporyan (or Ryansito?) sets him straight. “Is there anything Meredith knows that you don’t want Beckett to know?” Uh,oh.

Espo and Ryan track Kesswood down with a flying front kick to the chest after he tries to escape. His alibi checks, but he’s a little on edge. He later confides in Beckett that his specialty is intelligence, not murder. Michelle came around asking questions to Billy Piper about the night Leann disappeared 3 years ago, and Piper hired Noah to spy on her. Michelle told him she was close to finding out what really happened and was doing some research at the DEA’s office.

But all of that will have to wait. Beckett and Meredith are off to have dinner. A freaked out Castle is waiting at home, but he’s got nothing to be worried about. In fact, Beckett says she likes him even more now. A shared smooch gets interrupted by Ryan who just might know what Meredith’s research uncovered.

The DEA also tracks the locations of planes and boats, and Michelle obtained a photo of Piper’s boat the night that Leann was murdered. There was another boat in the satellite photo, roughly 50 feet from Piper’s. Even more, it happens to belong to Walter Voss. Maybe Voss took the body elsewhere, and that’s why it was never found. Walter quickly lawyers up. In all honesty, he had no real motive to help Billy. The crime-fighters are stumped.

Credit: Carol Kaelson/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Do a Double Take!

But on cue, Esposito comes around the corner and says something doesn’t add up. On the morning of Michelle’s murder, Walter Voss made a 20 minute phone call to the Garrison residence — home of the forensic accountant. But why? Dun, dun, dun… looking at the photos of Leann Piper and Jane Garrison, they’re the same person. She’s alive! No wonder the police could never find Leann’s body. She was relaxing in Scarsdale this whole time.

They bring Jane Garrison in. When they show her a picture of Leann Piper, she almost drops her coffee which Beckett relieves her of — to confirm she is Piper based on fingerprints. Plus, her husband already ID’d the ice pick as theirs. M is for murder and the blood is all over Leann’s hands.

Leann called Billy a monster even though the public saw him as a hero. He slashed her reputation, so she took his away from him. Voss needed the money at the time, so he helped her “die,” but she met Rob and couldn’t bear to leave the country or him. Michelle found out the truth and couldn’t live with the injustice. Leann killed Michelle to keep her darkest secret hidden forever.

Meredith Plants Seeds of Doubt!

Beckett’s all packed to move back into her place, much to Castle’s disappointment. And Meredith is off to Paris sans Alexis. Everyone is insistent upon her exiting stage left out of New York.

Kate and Meredith have a few moments alone to chat, and Kate laughs that she thought Meredith had a hidden agenda — she actually did. Meredith wanted to check out how serious Castle and Beckett really were and she gives them the thumbs up. Beckett just has one final question — why it didn’t work out between her and Castle? Meredith replies that although the marriage was full of romance and excitement, he knew everything about her and she didn’t know a whole lot about him. Case in point, how he felt about never knowing his father. Meredith assumes he changed since it’s been 15 years. Kate’s face implies that not much has.

Wait a minute. Didn’t they broke up because she had an affair, moved to California, and divorced him? Either way, another doubt has been planted in Beckett’s mind and Meredith just leaves a trail of disaster wherever she walks. Scandalous!

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