Did You Resolve to Drink More Water This Year? Here’s How to Add Some Flavor!
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Did You Resolve to Drink More Water This Year? Here’s How to Add Some Flavor!

Our bodies need a constant intake of water throughout the day in order to flush toxins and stay properly hydrated, but who among us really wants to drink that much flavorless liquid? If 2013 is the year you vow to finally start drinking more H2O, we’ve got five ways to make the process more enjoyable — just add a flavor, any flavor!

There are plenty of ways to hype your dull drink, but some are better for your body than others, so we examined the five most popular kinds of water enhancers to help you make your decision. Which kind do you use?

1. Powders
This is the largest and most popular category of water enhancers, but we were shocked at how different the nutritional information for these granulated options can be! Keep in mind that we chose a single flavor from each of the most popular brands, so nutritional information may vary depending on your flavor choice.

Crystal Light To Go packets tout a measly 5 calories per serving, so we may just force ourselves to ignore the faint flavoring, or just add another packet.

Gatorade G2 Powder comes packed with electrolytes and 20 calories per serving, so they’re perfect for fueling up during a workout, but try a different option if you’re counting your caloric intake daily. Also, we are totally confused why Gatorade wouldn’t just make single-serving packets like everyone else! Two-fifths of a packet is a serving? How do you even measure that?

Propel Zero packets offer zero calories and 30 mg of sodium, so if you’re watching your sodium levels, this isn’t the best option.

Lipton To Go packets are another alternative to plain water that only add 5 calories with the flavor, and believe us when we say there is a lot of flavor packed into each serving!

True Citrus products are another zero calorie option, but compared to many of the other powdered potentials, True Lemon boasts less than a single gram of carbohydrates per packet. They are also perfect for low-sodium dieters.

2. Liquid Flavor
Mio flavor droppers are the most recent development on the market and we are totally into this type of easy flavoring. Add as many or as few drops as you choose to get the strength you desire — because with zeros across the nutritional information board, you’re safe to drip away as you please!

3. Fresh or frozen fruit
The best but most forgotten option, frozen or fresh fruit is a quick and easy way to flavor your drink. The most popular fruits are fresh lemon or lime, but we challenge you to go beyond and try fresh or frozen strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. Just drop them into a tall chilled glass and sip away, then enjoy a pleasant treat when you reach the bottom!

4. Tablets
Fizzies, the popular sugarless 1960s candy that flavors and carbonizes your drink, is back! However, since it boasts a high 126 mg Sodium count and is still sold mainly in the candy section of mom and pop shops, we wouldn’t recommend stocking up on the effervescent favorite. Nuun tablets are an alternative to Fizzies that keep the bubbles poppin’, but if you thought Fizzies had a lot of sodium, try 360 mg in this option! Needless to say we recommend sticking to any of the other non-fizzy flavoring options.

5. Teas
Herbal Tea is an age-old calorie-free option for adding flavor to water, and totally natural! Help yourself to a tall mug of hot water with a single tea packet of whichever flavor you choose and relax after a long day at the office while topping off your day’s water quota. We suggest trying Celestial Seasonings tea bags for the best selection and strongest flavors.

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